Sky Drop

The Sky Drop contest is a traditional egg-drop contest with at twist: you must also try to have the dropped container stop in the center of the bull’s eye! There is lots of physics involved in this contest – so put you physics knowledge to the test and see if you can safely brake your egg! Sky Drop Contest Registration form.


  1. The contest is open to both middle-school and high-school students.
  2. A contest team can have no more than two students. Both team members must ride on the Sky Ride to drop the egg. The entry form must be completely filled in.
  3. There can be only one entry per team.
  4. The egg drop will take place from the Sky Ride. The Sky Ride will be available for the competition from 11:00 to 1:30. Special entry onto the north end of the ride will be available for contestants only. (The drop will be made going southbound.)
  5. Your egg container must conform to the Lagoon/USU safety rules and must receive a USU/Lagoon safety inspection sticker during the registration process, which takes place at the drop site between 10:00 and 12:00. Failure means disqualification. Should your entry be disqualified for safety reasons, the organizers offer our apologies in advance. No discussion can reverse a safety ruling.
  6. Safety Requirements:
    1. The egg container must be no larger than 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm.
    2. The egg container must weigh no more than 400 g (without an egg).
    3. The egg container must not interfere with the safety bars on the ride.
    4. The egg container should not be made of dangerous material, e.g., glass or liquids.
    5. The egg container should not be a set of loose objects that can separate during the fall.
    6. The egg container cannot contain materials that will potentially make a mess, e.g., peanut butter, marsh mellow cream.
    7. The egg container should have a way to place the egg in it easily.
  7. A marked egg will be provided at the time of the contest. You may use a limited amount of tape or other fastening devices to close the container once the egg is place inside. Using an egg other than the one provided will be grounds for disqualification.
  8. The entire device must be dropped at the drop height, the safety bar on the Sky Ride car. For example, you cannot lower your egg down on a string.
  9. After dropping the egg and completing the ride, contestants are to proceed to the drop site to collect their egg, check if it is broken, and receive their score.
  10. All results from this egg drop may be used only for the sole purpose of this contest at the USU Physics Day at Lagoon. Results of this contest may not be provided in part or whole to any other parties.

Procedure and Schedule:

  1. Registration (10:00 – 12:00). Register at the Drop Point. (Registration consists of turning in this form, obtaining an egg, enclosing the egg within the container, and have the container inspected for weight, size, and safety.)
  2. Drop the Egg (11:00 – 1:30). Drop your egg from the Sky Coaster. Try to hit the center of the target! (Get on the Sky Coaster at the north end of the ride.)
  3. Score is based on weight, accuracy, and durability.
  4. Check your Container (11:30 – 1:30). Come back to the drop point to see if your egg survived!
  5. Winners Announced (approx. 2:30). Winners will be announced at Davis Pavilion.


  • Scoring is based on egg durability, target accuracy, and container weight, in that order. The judges’ decision is final.
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