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A primary activity at Physics Day is the Student Workbook, which is designed to encourage participation from all the students attending Physics Day. Each year physics faculty at Utah State University develop a new workbook with a mixture of very simple and more challenging questions on a number of the rides at Lagoon. Separate workbooks for high school and middle school student are available.

Each teacher is responsible for providing copies of the workbook for their students. Each teacher can select which portions of the activities are best suited for their students; USU will collect the workbooks and return them (with solutions) at the end of Physics Day. There are even prizes given out to students turning in Workbooks to encourage students to participate.

For copies of this year’s student workbooks, select the grade level which best suits your needs from the options below. A number of complete workbooks are also available for both High School and Middle School students. Teachers can also custom design their own student Workbooks by selecting from dozens of individual activities and merging them into a custom workbook. This allows teachers to tailor their students’ Physics Day activities to their own curriculum needs.

If you have questions or need additional information contact:

Event Coordinator

JR Dennison
(435) 797-2936


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High School Workbooks

Middle School Workbooks

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